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A customizable Discord client for Android

Aliucord is a customizable Discord client that offers a wide range of features and functionality beyond what's available in the standard Discord client. With Aliucord, users can customize their Discord experience to suit their needs and preferences, from changing the look and feel of the app to adding new features and integrations.


Yes, NoTrack is part of the CorePlugins. Crashlytics, Adjust, Discord analytics and Spotify analytics are all disabled.

Client modifications are against Discord's Terms of Service. However, Discord is pretty indifferent about them and there are no known cases of users getting banned for using client mods. So you should generally be fine as long as you don't use plugins that bypass api restrictions or implement spammy / selfbot behaviour (mass deleting, spam plugins, etc).

Regardless, if your account is very important to you and it getting disabled would be a disaster for you, you should probably not use client mods.

Additionally, make sure not to post screenshots with Aliucord in a server where you might get banned or reported for it.

You can find a lots of plugins on our Discord server - #plugins-list channel.

Every Android app is signed with a signature by its developer. This way Android can confirm an apk comes from a credible source and wasn't tampered with. Because Aliucord is built locally on your device, that also means it is signed locally on your device, with a signature created just for you. This means that the signature of your Aliucord app is unique and Google doesn't recognise it. Thus, you can safely ignore the warning.

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